Bossanova PHP Framework v1.2.0

  • Getting started with BF
    All information you need before start to use the framework, including how to download and install the software. Also, includes instructions to setup a proper development environment. Read more
  • The Fundamentals
    An overview of the first steps and how to extract the best of the framework. Also, includes information about the module structure, routing, RESTful requests and how the BF handles URLs requests. Read more
  • Layout
    More information on how BF handles the application layout including HTML templates and views. Read more
  • Database
    How to handle multiple connections, data management, basic statements, security, transactions and more information about the BF Query Builder. Read more
  • Models
    Models has a very important role in code reuse, best practises and organization. In this section, you can obtain more information how to work with models with BF. Read more
  • Permissions
    How to work with restricted sections in your applications, authentication methods, users and permissions administration. Read more
  • Translation
    The BF Translation Library is a high performance tool for multi-language applications. It does not required any addicional software to manage dictionaries and supports APC and hash indexes. Read more
  • Administration Panel
    The BF Administration Panel is a visual tool to support the system administration, including, users and permissions maintanance, routes configuration and content managment. Read more