Jspreadsheet v2: The javascript spreadsheet

Jspreadsheet CE is a very light, totally free, jquery plugin to embed a spreadsheet compatible with Excel in your website or application. You can create a excel-like table from a JS array, json or even a CSV file. You can use your copy and paste shortcuts to move data from excel straight to your Jspreadsheet spreadsheet and vice versa. You can easily integrate third party jquery plugins to create your own custom colums, custom editors, and customize new features to your clients. Jspreadsheet has a plenty of nice features such as key-value dropdown, CSV loading/exporting, multiple spreadsheets and much more. We have a large roadmap ahead for our jquery plugin and we are constantly improving, so don't forget to send us your ideas.

The benefits to embed a jquery spreadsheet in your applications

With a few simple steps you can have Jspreadsheet integrated to your application. So, you can easily enjoy all advantages of this great jquery plugin.

  • Make rich and user-friendly web interfaces and applications
  • You can easily handle complicated data inputs in a way users are used to
  • Improve your clients software experience
  • Create rich CRUDS and beautiful UI
  • Compatibility with excel: users can move data around with common copy and paste shortcuts
  • Easy customizations with easy jquery plugin integrations
  • Lean, fast and simple to use


The javascript spreadsheet - jquery plugin

New features in the Jspreadsheet CE Version:

Jspreadsheet has been rename to Jspreadsheet, please consider migrating a newer version.

We are glad to bring you the latest jquery plugin version, with the following improvements:

Jspreadsheet 2.1.0

  • Mobile touch fixes
  • Paste fixes & New CSV parser

Jspreadsheet 2.0.0

  • New radio column
  • New dropdown with autocomplete and multiple selection options
  • Header/body separation for a better scroll/column resize behavior and compatibility
  • Better text-wrap including alt+enter excel compatibility
  • New set/get meta information
  • New set/get config parameters
  • New set/get programmatically cell style
  • New set/get cell comments
  • New table custom toolbar
  • New responsive calendar picker

Jspreadsheet 1.5.7

  • Checkbox column type improvements
  • Destroy jquery table updates

Jspreadsheet 1.5.1

  • Spreadsheet data overflow and fixed headers.
  • Navigation improvements

Jspreadsheet 1.5.0

  • Relative insertRow, deleteRow, insertColumn, deleteColumn.
  • Redo, Undo action tracker for insertRow, deleteRow, insertColumn, deleteColumn, moveRow
  • New formula column recursive chain
  • New alternative design option bootstrap-like.
  • updateSettings updates

How to embed a simple javascript spreadsheet in my application?

A very simple example to integrate the Jspreadsheet jquery plugin in your website to create your first online spreadsheet. You can check out more advanced examples here.

Jspreadsheet Installation

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jexcel/2.1.0/js/jquery.jexcel.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jexcel/2.1.0/css/jquery.jexcel.min.css" type="text/css" />

<div id="my"></div>

data = [
    ['Jspreadsheet', 'Jquery spreadsheet, javascript spreadsheet, jquery', 181],
    ['Handsontable', 'Another nice javascript spreadsheet plugin', 9284],
    ['Datatables', 'DataTables is a table enhancing plug-in for the jQuery library.', 5164],

$('#my').jexcel({ data:data, colWidths: [ 300, 80, 100 ] });



We are working hard to create the better jquery plugin possible. So, we would love to hear your ideas. Which features is missing in our jquery spreadsheet? We are glad to say new features are coming every day, and we are currently working in features such as:

  • Merged cells
  • Big data (partial table loading)
  • Pagination
  • Online work collaboration
  • Toolbar with undo, redo, colors, etc
  • Themes
  • Status bar

More suggestions are welcome to improve our jquery plugin. Please send your comments in our Github page.

Javascript spreadsheet examples

  • Advanced dropdowns
    Full examples on how to handle simple, advanced, autocomplete and conditional dropdowns.

  • Programmaticaly changes
    Insert, remove and move columns and rows

  • Fixed headers
    Overflow table and scrolling

  • Custom table design
    Create a custom table design. For example a bootstrap-like spreadsheet table.

  • Table styling
    Table styling

  • Manage cell comments
    Manage a table cell comments

  • Custom meta information
    Manage the table meta information

  • Custom toolbars
    Full examples how to load a autocomplete dropdown.

  • Loading remote data
    How to load the data from an external CSV file into a Jspreadsheet grid or table.

  • Masking and formating
    Handling currency types and masking numbers.

  • Calendar picker
    How to handle a calendar with date and datetime picker.

  • Sorting
    Sorting your Jspreadsheet spreadsheet

  • Create custom cells
    How to create custom column types based on a third party jquery plugin

  • Handling events
    Handling events on your spreadsheet

  • Readonly options
    Understanding how to set a readonly column or multiple custom cells

  • Multiple instances
    How to create multiple table instances in the same page

  • Text wrap
    How to change the text wrap behavior in a Jspreadsheet column

  • Nested headers
    Creating a Jspreadsheet table with nested headers.

  • Add images on your cells
    Add images on your spreasheet cells

  • Copyright and license

    Jspreadsheet CE is released under the MIT license. Contact: contact@jspreadsheet.com

    Jspreasheet Pro Version

    We have now two distributions Jspreadsheet CE and Jspreadsheet Pro. We are very happy to bring a new version vanilla javascript plugin with full premium support.

    More about the new Pro distribution The professional javascript spreadsheet.

    About Jspreadsheet

    The Jspreadsheet is a full original javascript software created as a jquery plugin to facilitate the data manipulation in web based applications. It was created to be an easy javascript data input tool for users and it was created inspired on other spreadsheet software.